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Four ways being a PMP helps me better manage the holidays this year
Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT
People take their guitars everywhere. The case for the bass clarinet has a smaller .....
Today I am busy getting ready for the next six week of travel. I'm going to Alaska for a few weeks to work with a project. Then, I'll be visiting my daughter in Portland, Oregon, for Christmas. From there, I'll travel up to Seattle to work with the Cheetah board on 2018 strategies between Christmas and New Years. Finally, I'll travel down to Phoenix to start another project.
It is easy to imagine the logistics of packing for this type trip. My project planning skills are a blessing to me. These are the areas where a well-trained project brain can help me with the holidays.
I need to make sure I have the appropriate protective gear for cold weather, rain gear, and warm clothing. I also need to be ready to host multiple events as the chef. I must also bring my travel chef's kit. I prefer to have the tools I need, rather than relying on the luck of whoever's kitchen will have them. I learned about "mis-en-place" in chef school. This means that you should make sure you have everything before you start. This trip required me to research all requirements for each location.
After 37 years, I just got back to playing the bass clarinet. It could be kept here, but that would mean I won't have time to practice for six weeks. It makes me commit to continuing to practice, as I won't be able to carry it around all over the Western US without using it. I downloaded Christmas music for the bass clarinet to ensure that my practice will be filled with festive tunes. It is important to be mindful of how my actions will affect those around me on my travels. This is stakeholder management. It can make the holidays more enjoyable or make you feel like Mom was playing the bass clarinet all year.
I love creating holiday gifts and presents on-site. I'm the type of person who gets my holiday gift ideas a week before the holiday. I have never been able to adjust to the whole Christmas scene before Halloween. It will be interesting for me to see how inspired I am this year. When I was in Hawaii many years ago, a friend sent me a snowman. It was a very funny gift that still makes me smile. What are the long-term effects of my gift giving actions?
What about pets? My house sitter, who takes care of everything while I'm away, has her own holiday travels. We have now found holiday homes for our dogs. The caretaker at the Alaska compound is leaving for the holidays so we are asking a neighbor to keep our driveway plowed. What happens to all other activities when you take on another project?
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